Iswari Organic Buddha's Awakening Maca & Vanilla

Iswari Organic Buddha's Awakening Maca & Vanilla

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Iswari Maca & Vanilla Breakfast Mix 360 g
Buddha's Awakening is our new and improved Chia Up now with Milled Flax Seeds as well as Chia. Buddha's Awakening is an instant raw superfood breakfast mix that can be made in minutes simply by adding water! Combining delicious and nutritionally superior ingrediants such as Milled Chia and Flax Seeds - the highest plant sources of Omega 3 and 6, Maca Root Powder which has traditionally been used for energy and endurance, Lucuma - a sweet and nutritious fruit powder, ground Almonds and milled Buckwheat, this is food for the mind, body & spirit. Light on the digestive sytem and at the same time providing everything you need to feel fulfilled! Give yourself an enlightening start to each and every day!

"What are the benefits?"

Buddha's Awakening has a range of benefits, due to its combination of Superfood ingredients. As well as TASTING TRULY DIVINE, it is:

Easy to digest & Soothing for the bowel.
Rich in protein & minerals such as Iron, Calcium & Magnesium.
Helps to hydrate the body & maintain electrolyte balance.
Rich in antioxidants to protect cells & maintain youth.
Rich in Omega 3 & 6 for the brain, nervous system, & joints.
Provides increased energy and feeling of fullness.
Stabilises blood sugar.
Made with 100% GREAT TASTING Superfood Ingredients!