Manomasa Manomasa Lemon Peppercorn 160g  x 12

Manomasa Manomasa Lemon Peppercorn 160g x 12

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Manomasa Lemon Peppercorn 160g x 12
Recipe No.86
We wanted to give a little glory to the humble bean. In Latin American cuisine, these hearty little ingredients can be relied upon to provide soothing smoothness in a world of sharp flavours and vibrant tastes, so we decided it was time to shine a light on their simple goodness. The All-Natural deliciousness is all in the Detail.

Shape: named in homage to the original Mexican Tostada - the large circular tortilla that's toasted and then enjoyed heaped with fresh, tasty toppings.

Texture: finest White corn masa, packed with chickpeas, adzuki, garbanzo, and red kidney beans, is rested then gently Toasted for a smooth, creamy texture.

Taste: the creamy bean flavours are enhanced with just a splash of zesty Green Lemon and a twist of gentle Pink Peppercorn for a simple chip that's impossible to ignore.

Savour: add a twist to the classic Mexican breakfast 'huevos rancheros', by serving with fried eggs, tomato Chilli Sauce, rice and guacamole.
Suitable for vegetarians.