Manomasa Manomasa Tomatillo Salsa 160g  x 10

Manomasa Manomasa Tomatillo Salsa 160g x 10

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Manomasa Tomatillo Salsa 160g x 10
Tortilla chips with red and white quinoa seeds and a tomatillo salsa seasoningRecipe No. 63We wanted a chip that celebrated our love of Latin America - it took 63 batches to uncover the lively trio that combines the ancient grain of the Andes with the vibrant tastes of Mexico and Peru. The All-Natural deliciousness is all in the detail.Shape: this generously size 'Totopo' triangle is extra large to fit in all our favourite flavours from Latin America.Texture: finest White corn masa, rested then Gently Toasted for a light bite that gives way to the distinctive Crispness of roasted red and white quinoa.Taste: the Amarillo is the much loved chilli of Peru, bringing a distinctive fresh and aromatic heat that yields to the fruity sharpness of the Mexican Green TomatoSavour: crumble onto an avocado and tomato salad or enjoy with Guacamole or salsa verde.