Maroma/Himalaya Incense Sticks Cedarwod 10sticks 5 Pack

Maroma/Himalaya Incense Sticks Cedarwod 10sticks 5 Pack

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MAROMA/HIMALAYA Incense Sticks Cedarwod 10sticks
Creates a serene atmosphere– Himalayan Cedarwood, Olibanum Oil.

This Fair Trade incense is handmade from wood powder, natural binder, fragrance and natural essential oils. No added harmful chemicals. Burn in well ventilated areas.

This is original signature line and it is quite simply the most comprehensive and highest quality incense collection available anywhere.


10 sticks per pack
Long burning incense: 50 minutes/stick
Made with Natural Essential Oils
All fragrances comply with IFRA( International Fragrance Association Brussels)
No Animal Ingredients
Eco bamboo sticks and handmade paper outer packing
Recyclable double inner bags for best aroma retention
Leaflet in 5 languages. Warnings
Keep out of reach of children. Directions
use one strick and spread frangence. Allergens
Fair trade, eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Ingredients
Himalayan cedarwood, gaiacwood, oakmoss resin.