Npb NPB Walnut Choc Brownie 24g  x 24

Npb NPB Walnut Choc Brownie 24g x 24

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NPB Walnut Choc Brownie 24g x 24
There's a reason why walnut brownie is a classic American flavour combo-- it's simply delish! The crunchy walnuts break up the smooth chocolate brownie and a hint of vanilla rounds it all off.And a whole bag of our Choc Walnut Brownie bites only contains 4g of sugar (naturally sweetened with antioxidant-rich dried plum purée and low GI coconut nectar). That's just 1g of sugar per piece! Packed with protein and fibre, these little bad boys will keep you fuller longer.Contains at least 30% less sugar than most standard all natural brownies.Healthy has never tasted so naughty!Our brownie bites are a source of protein (19%) and fibre, but don't worry-- they taste all Brownie!
Made with antioxidant-powerhouse dried plum purée, these little gems are packed full of yummy goodness. And they are vegan and gluten free to boot!
Nibble founder, Erin, developed these brownies for her nephew and niece, Austin and Julie. Julie (who's 12) is a notoriously fussy eater and she rarely ate any protein, but loved brownies. To help boost Julie's protein intake (and hopefully lower her sugar consumption!), she developed these yummy brownies-- with a bit of cheeky protein snuck in.