Nucao Nucao - Organic Coconut 40g  x 16

Nucao Nucao - Organic Coconut 40g x 16

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Nucao - Organic Coconut 40g x 16
We at nucao don’t want to just provide healthy nutrition to our customers – we want to use our products as a vehicle for change. Our purpose it to revitalise our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same. With innovative organic products - developed according to the latest findings in nutritional science - we strive to make a healthy diet more accessible in people‘s day-to-day lives. Furthermore, we want to minimise the negative impact on our environment caused by transportation, production and packaging - and rather have a positive impact through organic agriculture and direct trade with suppliers. Our mission of large-scale reforestation is implemented by planting one tree in a third-world country for each and every product we sell. nucao is a vegan snack based on hemp seeds and raw cacao that offers not only great taste but real nutritional benefits. All natural and organic ingredients provide your body with what it needs to stay fit and healthy.