Nucao Nucao - Organic Espresso 40g  x 12

Nucao Nucao - Organic Espresso 40g x 12

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Nucao Nucao - Organic Espresso 40g x 12
The grinded espresso beans from the "Phoenix" roasting house in Dresden give this variety an authentic coffee aroma with an irresistible crunch.

nucao provides you with a comprehensive supply of nutrients and at the same time pampers you with a crunchy chocolate taste. A snack that you can fully rely on when performance and concentration decline.

Five principles. No compromises.

Natural: Nucao consists only of natural ingredients that you can pronounce - no synthetic additives or preservatives.
Nutrient rich: With the optimal combination of nutritious ingredients, nucao refills the energy stores.
LowerCarb: Carbohydrates are misplaced in a snack. They confuse the sugar balance and make you feel weak again shortly after the supposed strengthening. nucao is therefore only slightly sweetened, with coconut blossom syrup.
Raw: Cocoa is an extremely healthy fruit - if you don't roast it at high temperatures for days, as is usual with chocolate.
Sustainable: nucao has set itself the goal of keeping the ecological footprint as low as possible and proactively giving something back to the planet.