Pc PC Smooth Creamy Original 10x10g

Pc PC Smooth Creamy Original 10x10g

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PC Smooth Creamy Original 10x10g
10 x 10g deliciously creamy organic dairy free chocolates.

Just the Choc! The perfect gift to share with friends, family or just for yourself! Each chocolate is individually wrapped and sized with just the right amount of chocolate to give you the choice when to treat yourself or your kids.

Because we care about you and our environment playin choc is organic, vegan, avoids potential allergens such as soy, gluten and dairy, contains no refined sugar, is environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. Our chocolate is wrapped in clear film that is 100% plant based and completely home compostable.

We hope you enjoy playin choc as much as we have creating it.