Quoats Quoats Apple Pear Cinnamo 60g  x 12

Quoats Quoats Apple Pear Cinnamo 60g x 12

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Quoats Apple Pear Cinnamo 60g x 12
Our Apple, Pear and Cinnamon porridge pot has natural sweetness from real pear pieces and texture from chunks of apple combined with the warmth of cinnamon to make this a delicious creamy breakfast.

Why Quoats?
Quoats is the only porridge pot with the added benefits of quinoa and flax! With no added sugar* our unique blend of quinoa, oats and flax makes Quoats a natural source of protein and high in fibre. An easy way to set you up for your day, just add boiling water and Quoats is ready in 3 minutes!
*Contains naturally occurring sugars.
We set up Quoats because Jen couldn't find a healthy, tasty breakfast to eat on the go in her city job. Rob, a farmer from Yorkshire, suggested a porridge pot with a twist - adding quinoa and flax. As farmers we know the importance of provenance (and a good breakfast!) so we've used British quinoa, oats and flax to make this delicious, convenient and nutritious breakfast.